March 22, 2012 - Salary

Article 7.1.D of our collective bargaining agreement includes money (about $120,000) that will be used for
market salary adjustments for next year (FY13). This market salary adjustment is intended to ensure that
Faculty Members are being paid at least at the national average for their given area of teaching and current
rank. A Labor-Management Committee has been working since early January verifying data and developing
the criteria by which these funds will be distributed. Here is a summary of how the distributions are being

For each Faculty Member, the following data was determined:

Once this data is verified, a target market salary is obtained for each Faculty Member from the 2011 College
and University Professional Association for Human Resource salary studies for 4-year Colleges and 2-year
Colleges (Community Colleges) based on their CIP/best-fit CIP code. The CUPA-HR salary studies are a
compilation of salaries submitted by participating institutions across the country. In order to be statistically
relevant there must be at least five institutions reporting in any given CIP code. Due to a lack of reporting
institutions, there are several CIP codes that do not include data. In this case, a "best-fit" CIP code was
determined for you.

Some definitions:
CIP codes: Every Faculty Member has a Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code (based on a
database maintained by the National Center for Education Statistics) assigned to them that identifies their
primary teaching subject area. Accuracy of this code is very important as it is the primary indicator used in
determining your market salary. With the exception of nursing faculty, only the first two digits of the CIP code
are used to identify your target salary. A complete list of CIP codes with full definitions can be found at the
following link:

Best-fit CIP codes: In cases where there was no data available for a given CIP code, a "best-fit" CIP code was
determined for you based on your recent teaching history pulled from Banner.

4-year or 2-year program: There are two different CUPA-HR salary studies being used: National Faculty
Salary Survey for Four-Year Institutions and the Two-Year College Faculty Salary Survey. Every Faculty
member was looked at to determine whether they were teaching in a 2-year or 4-year program.

What do you need to do? Verify your data in the spreadsheet. If you see any errors, you need to let us know. If
you feel that the CIP code, best-fit CIP code, or 2-year/4-year data is wrong, you need to provide justification.
Please reply via email to: prior to March 30, 2011 in the following format:

Name: ______
I believe that there is an error in my data:
Rank should be ______
Time in rank should be ______, my date of promotion was __________
CIP code should be ______ based on the following rationale: _________
Best-fit CIP code should be ______ based on the following rationale: _________
4-year/2-year program should be _________ based on the following rationale: _________