Membership with UAFT 2404

Benefits of Membership

  • You are eligible to VOTE in all elections and for all contracts.
  • You are eligible to serve on the Executive Board or be elected to office.
  • You are eligible to participate in American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Benefit programs such as low interest credit cards, life insurance, and home loans.
  • You have the voices of 300 other Faculty Members when there is a problem.
  • You have an established process for grieving everything from disciplinary letters put in your file to salary discrepancies, to inappropriate workloads being assigned.
  • You have a leadership dedicated to making your professional life better.

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Should I Join?

University of Alaska Federation of Teachers (UAFT) has been serving Faculty Members of the University of Alaska for over 30 years on every campus in the state.

Most of us do.  In fact, UAFT has earned the "Pride of the Union" award from AFT each year for the past decade.  That means that over 90% of us take the extra step to join the union.  

While you may be represented by UAFT, you are not a member of UAFT unless you join.  When you join you will obtain voting rights and be eligible to serve as an officer and on a variety of committees. There are openings on the Executive Board and your involvement is encouraged and will be welcomed.  Service to the University and your profession through your Union is some of the best service you can do.

If this is the first time you have been represented by a union, you may have questions. 

What follows is information that we ask you to read carefully and retain for future reference.  Should you have additional questions on any of these matters please contact your local campus representative or the Union Office, Anchorage Campus, PSB-214, in person or by telephone at 562-2660 or 786-4090.

Your Union is governed by a written constitution and bylaws.  We are a democratic institution governed by our membership.

The Union is administered by the UAFT Executive Board  which includes five statewide officers (President, 1st & 2nd Vice-presidents, Treasurer and Secretary), 13 locally elected Campus Representatives, Six Anchorage Building Representatives, and 10 standing committee chairs.  The Executive Board meets the first Friday of each month during the academic year and general membership meetings for Anchorage occur at that time as well.  Local meetings, called by the Campus Representatives, occur periodically.  All of these meetings are important and as a union member, you are encouraged to come and participate in the affairs of your Union.  

Union representation means that the UAFT negotiates and administers a contract known as a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that sets forth your salary, health and other benefits, workload and working conditions, and protects your academic freedom.

The CBA is a negotiated agreement between the University of Alaska Board of Regents and the UAFT.  The current Agreement was ratified by the Union members, and the University’s Board of Regents, and became effective July 1, 2000.   Your contract is administered by the UAFT as your exclusive bargaining agent, through "availability of parties" meetings with our employer’s department of labor relations and through informal discussions with your Deans and Directors.

Without a contract, the law allows the managers to fire you without any reason, to change your salary or hours without your consent, assign you work outside of your already heavy responsibilities, and otherwise treat you unprofessionally.  While new employees are always grateful for a job and excited about teaching at our University, our Union exists, and two new faculty unions have recently been created, because management has failed to treat faculty members professionally on enough occasions to cause faculty to decide to collectively work toward a more professional workplace

UAFT has been extraordinarily successful in leading this University toward a place where Faculty Members are treated well.

YOUR CONTRACT establishes a grievance procedure with binding arbitration to resolve your complaints in a way that gets positive results;            

YOUR CONTRACT "locks" in place for the duration of the Agreement specific Board of Regents’ policies and regulations.

YOUR CONTRACT establishes a Disability Leave Bank for bargaining unit member use when your sick leave is exhausted; and

YOUR CONTRACT provides salary placement and increases plus many more benefits, all of which are detailed in the written agreement and negotiated by the Union on your behalf.

Please familiarize yourself with these rights by reviewing the Agreement.  If you have not already received your copy, please ask your Dean or Director for a copy.  Otherwise, it is available on our website at or the university’s website at

In addition to the specific benefits of the UAFT/UA Agreement, when you become a member of this Union you will be able to:       

VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE on acceptance or rejection of proposed contracts that will set your salary, benefits, and working conditions;      

FULLY PARTICIPATE in the development of contract proposals, election of officers, and union activities;              

BENEFIT from other programs and services available only to the union membership. 

Strong, active, and informed members characterize the strength of this professional association.  In the long term, your participation will benefit you, your colleagues, and your students because you will have a better place to work.