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Q&A on Overload/Summer pay

What's a union member?

Am I automatically a member of UAFT?
No. You are part of the group of full time university faculty members represented by UAFT. But, you must "officially" join the union to be eligible to serve as an officer or on committees.

How do I become a member?
By paying a mere $10.00 yearly fee.

Can the fee be deducted from my paycheck?
No. You must pay the fee to your local union representative or send it directly to the union office: UAFT, PSB, Room 214, 3211 Providence Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508-4670.

What does UAFT Do?

  • Talks with our legislators about their commitment to the University and our contract.
  • Provides information to members about their contract, benefits, and problems that arise in dealing with management.
  • When possible, resolves problems without having to go to grievance. When not possible, coordinates the grievance process and helps represent the Faculty Member.
  • Works with Deans and Directors so they better understand Faculty Member rights under our contract.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

  • You are eligible to VOTE in all elections and for all contracts.
  • You are eligible to serve on the Executive Board or be elected to office.
  • You are eligible to participate in American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Benefit programs such as low- interest credit cards, life insurance, and home loans.

What's a salary adjustment?

Following are several types of salary adjustments and increases relevant to faculty salaries.  All salary adjustments and increases are applied to the base salary of a faculty member.

Cost of living adjustment
A cost of living adjustment is a relatively small increase meant to ensure that the salary does not lose value in face of inflation.  Does not address market forces.

Merit increase
A merit increase is linked to an assessment of a faculty member’s performance.  The assessment may be relatively objective, employing a defined set of criteria or may be relatively subjective, based on impressions of performance. 

Promotion increase
A promotion increase is a particular type of merit increase.  It is linked to a faculty member’s promotion to a higher rank. 

Retention increase
A retention increase is a salary increase designed to persuade a faculty member to stay with the institution.  Retention increases may or may not require documentation of a job offer from another institution. 

Equity adjustment
An equity adjustment is a salary adjustment meant to remedy faculty salaries that have failed to keep pace with national salaries.  Equity adjustments may be determined by average salaries for faculty members in general, or by average salaries in particular disciplines.

Compression adjustment
A type of equity adjustment, a compression adjustment is meant to remedy a particular type of salary inequity that occurs within an institution when continuing faculty members’ salaries fail to keep pace with the salaries of new faculty members.

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