About the University of Alaska Federation of Teachers

The University of Alaska Federation of Teachers was chartered in 1973 and is a union representing faculty at each of the 14 campus locations in the University of Alaska Statewide System of Higher Education. The union deals with benefits, contracts, salary, and workload issues, and ensures that faculty have an active voice in University Governance.
A written constitution and bylaws govern UAFT. We are a democratic institution governed by our membership. The Union is administered by the UAFT Executive Board which includes:

  1. Elected statewide officers (President, 1st & 2nd Vice-presidents, Secretary-Treasurer)
  2. Fifteen locally elected Campus Representatives
  3. Fifteen standing committee chairs.

Union representation means that the UAFT negotiates and administers a contract known as a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that sets forth university faculty salary, health and other benefits, hours, and working conditions.

The CBA is a negotiated agreement between the University of Alaska Board of Regents and the UAFT. The current agreement is effective July 1, 2010, through December 31, 2010. The contract is applied by the University of Alaska, and UAFT is the exclusive bargaining agent with the University representing faculty on all work related issues through meetings with the department of labor relations for the University and through informal discussions with Deans and Directors.

Without a contract, it is possible for faculty to be fired without cause, have salary or hours changed without consent, be assigned work outside of already heavy responsibilities, and for salary inequities to increase. Even with a contract all of these things have happened in the past few years, but UAFT has been successful in correcting errors while protecting Faculty Members so that we can continue to carry out the mission of the university through service to our students and our communities.

UAFT is a highly effective union but it depends on each member to participate. It is through a strong unified voice that management is convinced to follow the contract and that legislators are convinced to fund our contract.


Tim Powers 
tim.powers@uaft2404.org 907-465-6341

1st Vice President
Rick McDonald, CTC, Fairbanks

2nd Vice President
Marcia Stratton, UAA, Anchorage

Kate Quick, UAF, Interior

Campus Representatives
Tim Carlson Valdez 834-1663 tdcarlson@pwscc.edu

Heather Corriere Kodiak 486-1212 hcorriere@kodiak.alaska.edu

Sarah Andrew Bristol Bay 842-3505 sarah.andrew@alaska.edu

John Creed Kotzebue 442-3400 jcreed@alaska.edu

Kate Quick Interior/Aleutians 474-6494 kaquick@alaska.edu

Pete Praetorius Mat-Su 745-9728 ppraetorius@matsu.alaska.edu

Tim Powers Juneau/Douglas 796-6341 tim.powers@alaska.edu

Joe Liddle Sitka 747-7792 joe.liddle@uas.alaska.edu

Claudia Ihl Nome 443-8417 cihl@alaska.edu

Jennifer Tilbury Fairbanks CTC455-2860 jltilbury@alaska.edu

Victor Zinger Fairbanks CRCD 474-5835 vazinger@alaska.edu

Brian Partridge Kachemak Bay 235-1604 bcpartridge@kpc.alaska.edu

Ben Kuntz Bethel 543-4581 bckuntz@alaska.edu

John Radzilowski Ketchikan 228-4541 john.radzilowski@uas.alaska.edu

Andy Veh Kenai/Soldotna 262-0366 afveh@kpc.alaska.edu

Trish Jenkins Anchorage 786-4379 pmjenkins@uaa.alaska.edu


Executive Board Members
Computer Support Ray Nobel786-6472ronoble@uaa.alaska.edu
Newsletter/PublicityTrish Jenkins786-4379pmjenkins@uaa.alaska.edu
FinanceNancy Bish786-4090nkbish@uaa.alaska.edu
Union Sick Leave BankJane Webber474-5356jane.webber@alaska.edu
Statewide CLCJoe Mason443-8414gjmason@alaska.edu
Labor-Mgt. Health Com.Jane Webber474-5356jane.webber@alaska.edu
State AFTTrish Jenkins786-4379pmjenkins@uaa.alaska.edu
NegotiationsTim Powers796-6341tim.powers@uas.alaska.edu
Higher EducationNancy Bish786-4090nkbish@uaa.alaska.edu
Academic FreedomJohn Creed442-3400jcreed@alaska.edu Distance Education    Membership & BenefitsNancy Bish786-4090nkbish@uaa.alaska.edu Labor-Mgt. Salary Com.Tim Powers796-6341tim.powers@uas.alaska.eduGrievancesTim Powers796-6341tim.powers@uas.alaska.edu